Thursday, February 6, 2014

An End and A Beginning

I have enjoyed my experience of sharing some of my personal thoughts and what inspires me in my life. I really have only scratched the surface; however, this will be my last entry for this blog.
I very much appreciate those who took an interest in this blog. This is the 96th entry (!) and I now want to turn to sharing some teaching on-line in a new blog. I always stray into teaching anyway even in this "personal blog" because I so love sharing the Catholic Faith. In order to have a weekly teaching on my webpage, I cannot also continue this blog due to limited time.
I have labeled my entries for this blog as you can see on the left side of this page. This way, visitors might still want to read some of the entries of the past and find useful information here.
My new blog "Teachings by Fr. John" can be accessed on my webpage "Meet Fr. John" at the parish website or at this address HERE  First entry by February 14. The new blog is subtitled: "Teachings on the Catholic Faith and Culture for every Friday of the week"
I hope you’ll continue with my new blog!
Meanwhile, I close this blog with an "Amen" from Handel’s "Judas Maccabeus" HERE.