Thursday, September 12, 2013

Site Plan for New Parish Life Center

Quite a number of parishioners are asking for a "map" to see where the new Parish Life Center is going to be built on the property.
Some good ideas have been proposed to help parishioners be able to visulaize this.
I scanned a document for the first time to share here. To view it, you can left click the pdf file and chose to rotate clockwise to view  its proper orientation and size. I tried to rotate it on the scan and couldn't, so I'll need to learn how to do that. Always something more when it comes to technology!
I marked where NW 39th Road is and the Church is in relaion to the new building. You can see on the document where the ministry building is and the altered parking lot. Note that the building will go where the present driveway is off NW 39th Road and a new entrance will be created.
Another way of visulaizing the location is that when built, you can come out the front doors of the church, down the steps,  around the Sacred Heart Statue, and cross the drive and enter directly into the lobby of the new building.
Here is the LINK to view the pdf file.
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